Einsights: Discovering Valuable Insights from Business Data

Sandeep Rao, Chief Executive OfficerSandeep Rao, Chief Executive Officer, Einsights, founded Einsights in 2012 to build a Business Intelligence solution that provides cross functional insights to corporates through a revolutionary user interface. Headquartered in Singapore, Einsights provides a full-stack analytics solutions to businesses of all size. Sandeep explains that their core differentiator is Simplicity “Simplicity is part of our DNA, and this shows in everything we do from our product design to the user experience.” Whilst most Business Intelligence tools are designed for the analyst, Einsights is crafted specifically for the Executive.

Einsights addresses a growing business challenge in that data will increase at an unprecedented rate,overwhelming companies in trying to make sense out of it. Enterprises often implement custom business analytical tools (Excel!) to connect data across different departmental silos. However, for most businesses, implementing an analytical tool is considered either too expensive or time consuming. As a result, they avoid implementing one, resulting in a lack of access to insightful data required to make informed decisions.

This is reflected in some of the customer kudos Einsights has received. According to Peter Tsih, Chief Executive Officer (Hong Kong), Global Wealth Solutions, Willis Towers Watson “Before Einsights, I often had to spend hours manipulating spreadsheets to extract the necessary information to make strategic decisions. Now, information retrieval is almost instantaneous thus allowing strategic decisions to be made faster and with greater confidence.” In addition, Renato Mota, Group General Manager Wealth Management at IOOF, the Australian based insurance company mentions “IOOF has adopted Einsights for analysis of our revenue and funds under advice. We are impressed by the intuitive nature of their software, and how it helps to simplify executive decision making.”

The Holistic and Comprehensive Service:
Einsights is a general-purpose Business Intelligence tool that is domain and source agnostic. Users of Einsights can analyze their data through “Google like queries” and the system uses a suite of technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to generate the appropriate visualization. According to usage statistics, the most often used features of the system are the dashboard & slice-n-dice capabilities that enable customers to explore data and track metrics, including on mobile devices. Sandeep states, “Our solutions take out the guess work out of running your business.”

Sales Performance Management:
An area of specialization for Einsights is providing deep analytics around sales performance.The tool offers a coherent view of sales, leads & pipeline across channels, representatives and geographies, accelerating sales performance. Metrics such as conversion rate, sales velocity,strength of the funnel,are standard and available“out-of-the-box” when Einsights connects to a CRM platform.

In addition, the tool predicts revenue based on historical wins/losses and the deals in the pipeline.Customers can now gather real-time sales statistic on either their computer or mobile devices, enabling sales team to make informed business decisions.According to Sandeep, “These analytical capabilities are simply not available as part of most CRM solutions leaving Sales Directors and Managers in the dark when figuring out the optimal way to achieve sales targets”. Einsights offers innovative solutions that support organizations that have implemented CRM solutions as well as those that don’t have a corporate CRM system.

Einsights’s tool offers a coherent view of sales,leads and pipeline across channels, representatives and geographies, accelerating sales performance.

The Data behind the Analytics:
Einsights has developed a proprietary methodology of importing data into the system through both API connections and a native interface to source systems.There is a strong focus on building a streamlined handshake between the source and destination system.Training sessions are set up to handhold first time users on system configuration. Sandeep claims to set up clients within a 2-week time frame in general and in some instances as quickly as 2 days.

Building on Customer’s Success Stories:
Einsights has had considerable success in Australia and Asia, being their primary markets so far. According to Sandeep, “We build strong relationships with businesses and focus on delivering significant value. We understand their pain in analyzing disparate datasets since most businesses are run on static reports, in tabular formats that provide very little insights on trends. We are here to help them reduce the pain and anxiety in accessing information – anytime, anywhere”

Einsights has worked with many established enterprises such as Outdoor Media Association, Powerwrap, Bridge Southeast Asia, Southern Cross Austereo and Argonyx among others.Amid such great success, Einsights is still in its early stages of growth. From it’s base in APAC, the company is currently executing an expansion plan by setting up offices in the US and UK. Sandeep concludes, “We are confident of signing up our 500th client in 2016, and it will be a significant milestone for our Company.”With its inherent focus on customer success and passion for delivering cutting edge technology in a simple manner, Einsights is way ahead of the curve from its competitors in the industry it operates.

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