Predictive Analytics – Forecasting the treasure at the end of the rainbow

Over the past few years as we implemented our analytics platform for businesses of all shapes & sizes, more often than not I was asked if our system was capable of delivering Predictive Analytics. It occurred to me that management was perhaps trying to find a compass to unearth the magical pot of gold at…

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3 Things to Consider when Implementing a BI Solution

So, how can you have successful Business Intelligence implementations? In my last post “Why BI projects fail?” we looked at some of the fundamental differences between core IT system and BI system implementations.  In this post, I will outline proven approaches to successfully implement BI solutions and show how that is different from implementing core…

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Why Many Business Intelligence Projects Fail?

Last week I found myself wondering why most Business Intelligence (BI) projects fail to deliver the expected results. I have been stumped by the number of well-funded BI implementations that are seen gathering dust at firms. It’s probably why many people think implementing a BI solution is a long, drawn out, resource intensive project that is…

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Data Analysis for Digital Agencies – It’s Not Just for Geeks Anymore

With data democratization, marketing agencies can focus on improving results, not reporting on them. In his book Dealing with Darwin, Geoffrey Moore discusses the concept of core versus context: In the agency world, the main core activity is improving client account performance. The main context activity is reporting on it. Successful agencies focus on improving…

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How to Unlock Profits Through Data?

A brief and helpful deck on how to unlock profits using your untapped data. Download PDF ~ 743 KB Preview on Slideshare Sandeep RaoSandeep Rao is the CEO of Einsights. He’s an experienced strategist, analyst, engineer and speaker. He started Einsights to empower executives to make better decisions, faster, with tools that speak their language.…

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What is Cloud BI (Business Intelligence)?

Business Intelligence, or BI, has been all the rage recently in corporations around the world, especially when it comes to cloud-based BI solutions. In fact, Gartner’s annual survey of the technologies and business needs of CIO’s ranked business intelligence at the top of the list, closely followed by cloud computing. But what is Cloud BI…

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What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Why You Should Use Them

You’ve heard about KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, and you may even think that you already track them. After all, you have some business metrics you pay attention to, right? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s take a look at what KPIs actually are, why you should probably have them and some examples of KPIs for various…

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