Predictive Analytics – Forecasting the treasure at the end of the rainbow

Over the past few years as we implemented our analytics platform for businesses of all shapes & sizes, more often than not I was asked if our system was capable of delivering Predictive Analytics. It occurred to me that management was perhaps trying to find a compass to unearth the magical pot of gold at…

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Are Australian Financial Advisers prone to switching licensees, often?

We are pleased to publish the first of many reports based on our analysis on the evolution of the Australian Financial Advisers market. In this post, we are focusing on a rather interesting topic of advisers switching licensees. Essentially, we wanted to build deeper insights into the concept of how “loyal” Advisers are to the…

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What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Why You Should Use Them

You’ve heard about KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, and you may even think that you already track them. After all, you have some business metrics you pay attention to, right? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s take a look at what KPIs actually are, why you should probably have them and some examples of KPIs for various…

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