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Einsights offers you true flexibility. Your fully customizable dashboards ensure you’re always on top of your data. Any query you make can be viewed in a variety of formats that visualize your data how you want it. Most of all, Einsights will consume any type of data so if it’s a sales tool you’re after, Ensights can do that. It can also help you with marketing, finance, operations and many more.

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Our Enterprise clients have lots of custom requests and we are more than happy to help. Please get in touch if you have complex data sets, integration requirements or you’d like to customize the Einsights interface and graphs according to your company’s brand. We’d be thrilled to help you.

It’s not about how much data you have, but how you use it

Make your business analytics tool work for you. With Einsights, you’ll empower every corner of your business in a way that works perfectly for them.

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