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Never worry about “too much” data ever again.

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Einsights loves data. The more, the merrier. Connect to your sales, marketing, finance, inventory and website data and it’ll eat it right up. Einsights is smart enough to understand the relationships between your datasets, which means that you can query across multiple data sources.

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Visual reports show multiple data sources graphed over time in Einsights business analytics software

Happily all on one graph

When you want to put multiple things on one graph, Einsights won’t bat an eyelash. It’s very comforting when your business analytics tool can pull data from multiple systems and present them to you on one chart. No more messy spreadsheets and manual errors for you! For example, your query could be “Plot 2014 sales vs available inventory vs site visitors.” 3 data sources, 3 separate questions, 1 graph, 0 pain.

Stop spreadsheet hopping and start Einsights

With Einsights, you’ll never have to worry about pivot tables, manual errors or copying large amounts of data from one spreadsheet to another. Try it for yourself.

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