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Ensights is an engine that runs on any fuel type, which is why it will work equally well for finance clients as it would for media, transport or sales organizations. All it needs is data and inquisitive users to ask questions based on that data. Even if your industry has special needs, chances are that Einsights can deliver.

Customized to fit your needs

Often times big companies bring big expectations, to which we say, “Bring it on!” Einsights loves a challenge because we know we can step up to the plate every time. We will happily customize the look and feel of your interface, integrate with third party systems and setup your dashboards. There is no task too large. Just give us your requirements and let us do the rest.

Custom calculations

Whether it’s a particular KPI your company wants to keep track of, or you’re just curious as to a metric that you don’t normally calculate with your data, Einsights can define these formulae and put them on your dashboard. Every time your data is added, Einsights will refresh to give you the new results. For example, we could create a dashboard that always presents all the figures you need on your board pack. When it’s time for the next meeting, just login and download the dashbaord in one handy report. Voila! You’re ready for the board meeting.

Drill down file configuration in Einsights business analytics software

Insurance and financial services dashboard in Einsights

Custom integrations

As an Enterprise customer, you likely have many important systems constantly gathering data. No matter what you use, Einsights can develop custom integrations that will allow legacy system data analysis in Einsights, in real time. Contact us for a quote on your customized solution.

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