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Need a BI tool today? Get it today. Not three months from now.

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No Implementation (No, not kidding)

We like to keep it simple over at Einsights. It’s why we designed our business analytics software to be so easy that you can set up everything yourself. You sign up, you upload your flat Excel file and you follow the easy on screen instructions. The whole process will take you 10 minutes max start to finish. Quick. Easy. Simple.

Step-by-step product tour when you need it

Even once you setup your account, you can always go back to the in-product tour that will show you where everything is and how to use it. That means you can add users as you please without having to worry about training them.

Smooth onboarding

When software is easy to use, more people use it. And Einsights is as easy to use as a search engine. All you need to bring is your business data and an inquisitive mind full of questions. Should your team have questions, they can use our FAQs or contact support anytime.

Einsights product tablet

High Adoption

Once you start using Einsights, you’ll immediately see how much time and frustration you’ll save over agonizing in Excel. You’ll tell your colleagues and they will discover the same. Pretty soon you’ll have the whole company requesting a user license.

Once you buy it, you can use it

With easy sign up, easy setup and intuitive interface, Einsights is the business analytics tool you can use right away, not when IT gets around to setting it up. Try it for yourself.

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