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Spend time using your business analytics tool, not learning how to use it.

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Easy Does It

Life is complicated enough as it is. Why should your business tools make it even more so? At Einsights, we focus on making things easy for our users. That’s why our product interface is intuitive and easy to use. All you have to do is type in a question and Einsights will give you the answer you seek. See? Easy.

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Natural Language, Naturally

When you’re at work, you speak English. Therefore, it would make sense that your business tools also spoke the same language, wouldn’t it? We think so. We hired the best artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language pros we could find to make Einsights speak your language. Tell Einsights what you need just like you would a colleague. It’ll know what you mean.

With Einsights, You Will Never Get Lost in Translation

Einsights is business analytics software that understands what you mean and shows you the insights you want, when you want them – not in a few hours after a consultation with an analyst. Try Einsights today and see how easy it is to turn your data into information you can use.

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Graphs so beautiful, they’ll think you hired a designer.

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