Drill down your data until you find the answer

Keep on dissecting data points until you find the answer – or run out of data.

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A whole new level of detail

When it comes to your business data, you never stop at just one question. When you see a surge in sales in May, you want to understand where it’s coming from – is it from a particular region? Sales person? Product? Einsights makes it easy to dig for details in your data. Just right-click on any data point in a chart and see how you can drill down further. It’s so fast and good, it’s addictive.

Slice and dice


Define how far you want to go

It’s important that all the data you slice and dice makes sense in the context you want to use it. To keep things clean and easy, we let you control the level of detail to include in your Einsights. These drill down options can be different for every file you upload, if that’s what you want. Excluding parameters is as simple as unticking a checkbox. And no, Einsights won’t freeze on you when you make such a change.

Get answers as fast as you can think of them

Don’t let massive spreadsheet or clumsy macros slow you down. Use Einsights and drill down your data quickly and easily until you get your answers.

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