Your Data Never Looked Better

Graphs so beautiful, they’ll think you hired a designer.

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Multiple sources all on one graph

Have you tried merging data from multiple sources in order to get several trend lines on one graph? Worried about manual errors? Pivot tables? Yeah, we don’t like those either. Einsights takes all of the data you upload and understands it so that when you want to put multiple things on one graph, you can do it. For example, your query could be “Plot 2014 sales vs available inventory vs site visitors.” 3 data sources, 3 separate questions, 1 graph, 0 pain.

Visual Reports Cross Data

Visual Reports Multiple Charts

Dress to impress

Everyone can build a chart in a spreadsheet, but not like this. All Einsights visualizations are slick, modern and clean. You can toggle between formats so your data always looks its best, whether it’s a line, scatter plot, columns, bars or a pie chart.

Enterprise feature – Change chart colors to match your brand.

Jazz up reports, board packs and presentations

Unless you’re prepared to spend hours building graphs and charts for your next board pack or presentation, you’ll be stuck with ugly Excel “copy-and-paste.” With Einsights, you can export any chart as JPG, PNG or PDF and insert it into other media such as PowerPoint or Keynote. You can even edit chart names and colors to make it on-brand. Oh, and your designer will love the SVG images export option.

Dashboard Export

Enterprise Reports

Totally tabular, if you want it

Enterprise feature – The business world isn’t all about pretty charts – it’s also about pretty tables! Since many of your queries will combine data from multiple data sources you uploaded, you may not actually have the data points in one document for inclusion in reports or sharing. Fret not because Einsights lets you download data tables for every query you perform.

It’s not all about looks, but it could be

Take your reports to the next level with data visualizations that are not only functional and insightful, but also nice to look at. Just don’t show your designer – he may think he’s out of a job.

Einsights product tablet

Your Data Never Looked Better

Graphs so beautiful, they’ll think you hired a designer.

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