Deliver more value to customers in less time

Spend more time analyzing and implementing, not crunching numbers.

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Get out of messy spreadsheets

When you’re hired by a client, it’s not because of your spreadsheet prowess – it’s because you can solve problems, anticipate challenges and find opportunities. Leave the number crunching to Einsights. Just upload your client’s data and start asking the questions you need in order to make your recommendations. Then export the insights you find to show them off in your next client meeting.

Visual reports show multiple data sources graphed over time in Einsights business analytics software

pie chart Einsights business analytics software

Time is money – save on both

Time is money and no one knows that better than consultants. Take a look at your last client billings. How much time did you spend in Excel models and spreadsheets? With Einsights you could use that time for deeper analysis or selling additional services. You’ll still bill the same hours, but both you and your client will get a lot more value out of the time you spent on their account.

A consultant’s secret weapon

Efficiency and productivity are in Einsights DNA, just like they are in yours. Let’s work together to amaze your clients and make your life easier.

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