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Use Einsights business analytics to increase your team’s ROI.

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It’s all about ROI

Clients don’t hire consultants because of their spreadsheet prowess – it’s because consultants can solve problems, anticipate challenges and find opportunities. Leave the number crunching to Einsights and save yourself heaps of time. Einsights lets you upload data from multiple sources and you can even automate regular data append for ongoing reporting. When Einsights does the heavy lifting, you have more time to do the thinking and to make your recommendations.

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Add more value to your customers

Time is money and no one knows that better than consultants. Einsights saves you time by providing analysis on the spot, freeling up consultants to utilize those insights, not crunch numbers. Your team can then use this additional time to provide extra services or deeper analysis. You’ll still bill the same hours, but both you and your client will get a lot more value out of the time you spent on their account.

A consultant’s secret weapon

Efficiency and productivity are in Einsights DNA, just like they are in yours. Let’s work together to amaze your clients while making your life easier.

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