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Benchmark for understanding.

Whether you are running a franchise business or a multi-geo team, you and your team will always benefit from a deeper understanding of who are the high performers and how the individual entities compare relative to the super set. Provide your team with the tools to understand the business better and increase overall performance.

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Analysis for better decisions.

As an executive, you are constantly seeking analysis to support your difficult decisions. You need information that cuts across data sets and in real time. Now, you can easily access cross-functional analytics such as correlation between revenue and marketing spend or between headcount and sales to guide your investment or expansion decisions.

Drill-down for deeper insights.

You know the headline numbers can conceal many truths (and some lies). As you notice a difference in budget versus actual performance, you want to drill down deeper to understand if it is systemic or localized to an area. Now you can do this just with a single click. Get deeper insights that will pinpoint the areas of greatest performance and improvement. Take out the guess work out of running your business.

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Spend more time improving your business performance, not seeking information.

Einsights is designed and built for Executives. We understand your need for information based decisions and deliver it through a simple and intuitive user interface.

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