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Rooms, Events and F&B data all under one roof

With guests checking in and out, restaurants buzzing with patrons and events spaces nearly sold out, a hotel must work like a massive, well-oiled machine – a machine that relies on data to optimize each corner of the building. A business analytics tool that is able to make sense of all your data could make a difference between profit and loss. Einsights will happily take input from your property management system, your POS, your events system and even data from Excel sheets, and let you analyse it in one place. Need to know occupancy rates over time? Easy. ROI per square foot of events space? No problem. If you have the data, Einsights will get you the insights.

Hospitality analytics

Customer centric view

Einsights takes all the data you already have and makes it easy for you to access information, trends & patterns – on demand. You may want to know – the list of your most valuable customers – for your property, region, average stay length, event bookings – you name it. With a holistic view of your customers over time you can prioritize what customers to focus on, thereby increasing loyalty of these key patrons.

Learn from trends for continuous improvement

Slow systems that don’t talk to each other are ubiquitous in most industries. But when you’re dealing with business data and people data, it’s a whole other level of complexity. Einsights takes all the inputs you can give it, be it related to occupancy rates, or loyalty programs and it figures out how the inputs relate to each. The result? Visual trends you can slice and dice whether you need a report for a board pack, you need to answer a specific question or you’re trying to figure out your staffing needs for the future.

Make your data work for you, finally!

Let Einsights draw value out of your legacy systems. When you see the whole story your business data has to tell, you can use it to grow your business instead of always playing catchup.

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