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Powerful data analysis meets visual reports to make every client happy.

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Impress your clients

Marketing is both about aesthetics and data, not just one or the other. Not only do your clients expect strong results and meaningful insights from you, but they also want in a format that they can share with their boss and their boss’s boss. Delivering good numbers is a hygiene factor, but if the message or trend is lost in a sea of tacky reports you will not impress your stakeholders. Einsights understands this, which is why our system lets you export all your sleek, professional graphs and charts in multiple formats such as PNG, PDF and even Vector. Some of our clients even use Einsights live during meetings. Either way, your customers will love what they see.

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It’s what’s trending

When you see trends in your data, you can use those insights to focus your future activities. Instead of combing through multiple spreadsheets for snapshots of the past, see all the trends in a visual format – on demand. When a trend looks interesting, drill down further with one click. With Einsights, you’ll use past trends to open new doors for your customers as well as ensure you don’t repeat past mistakes. Talk about value-add.

Don’t ever keep it separated

Whether you’re in TV, print, digital or customer analytics, you provide customers with an enormous amount of data on your product, services and campaigns. Then you have the daunting task of putting your data in context of their sales information so that you can illustrate ROI for your services. With Einsights, you can put all that data in one place, regardless of where it comes from or what’s in it. Einsights will match all the inputs to each other so that all you have to do is ask the right question, like “Plot airtime vs sales this month.”

(Your) Data is beautiful

Insights are hidden all across your data. You just never had the tool to help you look hard enough. Get Einsights and impress customers with your analytical prowess.

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