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As easy to manage as it is to set up, Einsights makes friends with every sys admin.

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Easy setup and maintenance

We like to keep things simple at Einsights. That’s why we designed business analytics software that can be set up by the end user, freeing up system administration resources. Even the custom implementation of Einsights is a breeze for a sys admin to get going and maintain. And with 24×7 support, you know that you’re covered no matter what.

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Safe and secure

Data security and user privacy is of paramount importance to Einsights and to our customers. We pride ourselves in always exceeding the high standards our customers place on their system requirements. From network security and application security to vulnerability management and penetration testing, we want admins to feel comfortable about the products they’re enabling for their users. Learn more here.

Drag-and-drop data sync

Our customers who add new data on a regular basis utilize Dropsync, a proprietary app that uploads your data into Einsights at regular intervals. Just set up a regular export into the Dropsync folder from your systems and Dropsync will sync that data into Einsights instantly and safely. You can set the upload interval to as little as 30 seconds.

Business analytics without the overhead

Einsights goes easy on setup, but tough on security. It’s the business analytics tool that you will love as much as your users.

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