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Trading, distribution and retail are some of the most data driven industries out there. Between ordering, inventory management, fulfilment and customer profiling there’s already enough to give the best analyst a headache, and that’s only scratching the surface. Fortunately, Einsights thrives on data. It will happily take all the aforementioned, and more, to give you the business insights you need to run an efficient and effective business.

Improve your supply chain

Your industry is all about trends. Whether it’s what products to buy and when to buy them, retail branch performance, marketing ROI or time of inventory turnover, even the smallest improvements in the supply chain can mean an increase in profits. Einsights helps you see trends in your data easily and lets you drill down on abnormalities so you can learn from them on the spot.

Normalize across multiple currencies with ease

Multiple regions or locations also pose challenges, especially when they are across different countries, in different currencies and different databases. When you upload data to Einsights, you set a base currency and you have the option to normalize all your data to that currency. Einsights is then smart enough to automatically convert your data based on historical conversion rates on the date of each data point.

Get a complete picture of your data

Einsights consolidates your business data to make it easy for you to slice, dice and cross-reference it across sources. Finally, a full picture of your business.

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